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Depeche Mode Concert Review :

Updated: Oct 26, 2017

October 6th - Matress Firm ampitheatre Chula Vista.

Just a few days following the horrific terroristic attack in Las Vegas at the Route 91 music festival, me along thousands decided to put aside fears, anger and disbelief. We decided not to hide behind the aftershocks of this horrific cowardly act and filled the ampitheatre to the brim hopefull perhaps that we could all together find a way to still lose ourselves in the moment and just rise above the hate.

This for me marked the 94th time seeing Depeche Mode...(<---I Like These Guys quite a bit ) and historically the first time ever photographing them.

I have to tell you, emotions were running high and it was a very tough shoot for me. I mean the fact alone that I was standing literally 1/2 a foot away from them was simply an unbeliavable moment that I will never forget , locking eyes with Dave Gahan literally brought tears on my face ( and my Lens,I do find professionalism to be highly overrated )

But I think that what really got to me though was the drive over to Chula Vista. Me, my husband and the kids, blasting mixed recordings of theirs that would cover nearly 30 years of an amazing carreers, me spying on my 7 year old son through the side mirror staring as he bumped his head shouting along Personal Jesus, you know, just getting amped about being able to share something that has been a huge part of my life with my minis....all of this excitement just haulted in one tiny second.

We stopped the car to pick up some slushies( DM literally Brought The heat to San Diego) and as my husband and daughter went to get us the snacks my son's face just started getting kinda serious all of a sudded and he whimpered " I'm anxious"... of course I thought it was kinda strage so I asked and he proceeded to explain how he was very nervous about being around so many people that he didn't know, then he asked if he coud just sit in the back of the concert venue and when I just wouldn't stop pushing he finally explained how they had discussed the terror attack in school that week and he was afraid that he would get shot at.

Those words alone were enough to change the entire feel of the evening and left sort of a bitter taste in my mouth. This was supposed to be a memorable night of pure bliss and fun and suddenly it was tarnished and rendered heavier so to speak. I never in a million years would I have ever thought I would have to reiassure my kids about their safety at a Depeche Mode Concert and I am hoping I will never have to again.

With the Initial tears wiped away,we entered the venue and just lost ourselves watching this immense diverse crowd all gathered in one spot united so to speak and it gave me hope as I managed to carry myself toward the photo pit shaky hands and all.

Depeche Mode opened their set with" Going Backwards" off their lateste release " Spirit...and I have to say this was in a way perfectly fitting what I found to be a more somber and heavier Depeche Mode that has kept inline pefectly with the current turbulent times.

A Depeche Mode that has masterfully taken current events and turned them into a hopeful new starting point rather that a defeat point.

A Depeche Mode that instead of turning away from socio-political controversies in fear of alienating some fans has come out and stated a loud and clear message of unity and equality above all that echoed deep in my heart .

Set List :

*Revolution ( Beatles)

*Cover Me (Instrumental)

1-Going Backwards

2- So Much Love

3- Barrel Of A Gun

4- A Pain That I am Used To


6-In Your Room

7-Worl In My Eyes

8-Cover Me

9-A Question Of Lust (Martin - Acoustic)


11-Poisoned Heart

12-Where's The Revolution




16-Enjoy The Silence

17-Never Let Me Down Again



19-Walking In My Shoes

20-Heroes ( Bowie Tribute)

21-I Feel You

22-Personal Jesus

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