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X with the Blasters and Otis

- X with The Blasters and Otis Live at the Casbah, San Diego 12-11-2014 - 

Shot For TNN Radio 

Those of you familiar with X and their music understand that they are simply a legend of their own and can certainly imagine how amazing it is to see them perform especially in a venue like The Casbah where you get to feel them up close and personal. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the band let me start by telling you that X has been together with their original line up since 1977.....this alone has earned them star status in my book. This kind of longevity isn't something you see often these days, and it is probably the reason they can still perform today like they did when they started. The chemistry among them is obvious through out every song, every interaction on stage. 

X is one of the most original sounding punk band with their unique blend of punk and folk music, they have released 7 full length studio Albums, their first " Los Angeles" was produced by Ray Manzarek of the Doors and was named one of the " top 500 albums of all times" by Rolling Stones magazine.

Opening for X , Otis who performed a powerful blues fully acoustic set and the Blasters, So Cal Native punk/Rockabilly who are known for their on stage energy as well as great music who got the crowd moving and shaking for the first tune! henry Rollins once wrote about them :"  In my mind, they were a great band that not enough people found out about. Bill Bateman is one of the best drummers there is, and then of course, there are the Alvin brothers. A lot of talent for one band." ....I fully agree. 

X Setlist : 

- This House I call home

- Beyond and back 

- Dancing with tears in my eyes

- Adult Books

- Heartsick me 

- Drunk in my past

- Come back to me 

- Hungry Wolf 

- World's a mess

- Unheard Music 

- Poor Girl

- Year 1

- Have nots

- True Love 

- More Fun

- Los Angeles 

- The New World 

- White Girl

- bad Thoughts


- Blue Spark

- How I 

- Devil Doll 

Song Highlights of the night : Hungry Wolf, Poor girl, Los Angeles, The New world and How I.

Here are some shots of The Blasters 

Here is Otis ;


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