Kelley Photography

Kelley Photography

The Offspring - Live at The Summer National Tour

Yes yes I know it is winter and Christmas is just around the corner. You may take this as my Christmas gift to you. Ok well it sounded a lot better than me explaining that I never got around to post pictures of the headlining band of the Summer Nationals :o) 

The Summer Nationals were such an amazing experience, such an amazing line up I decided to dedicate a blog entry to each of the bands....I mean, Stiff Little Fingers, The Vandals, Pennywise, Bad Religion and the Offspring...If they added Rancid I would have gone to heaven. I fell like I spent more time bopping around screaming in the pit than taking photos....but I couldn't help it. Smash was such an amazing album when it came out who would have ever thought, 20 years later we'd still be singing along every was the perfect ending to such an amazing show.  Now let me stop my rambling and post some pictures :o) 


Thsnk you TNN radio for sending me to sucj a KICK ASS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!


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