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HOB- SAN DIEGO 12-21-2014

Shot for TNN radio -



I don't quite know where to begin reviewing this show. I mean the energy, the crowd, the venue itself were just perfect from beginning to end. I wanted to cover this show so bad when I finally got confirmed I was so stoked I litterally jumped. I wanted to see the interrupters live more than any other band this year... and I saw some pretty amazing bands this past year. 

I discovered the Interrupters by chance. I tuned in one Monday evening to the Tim Armstrong show on Serius Satellite radio while I was driving to the grocery store and the band was on the show discussing their album song by song. Take back the power was playing and of course I sat in the parking lot to hear the entire's not a song that you can turn off halaway. Right after the song Tim went over the band's background and some of the lyrics. I remember him reading some of the lines of the song " Liberty"...and before you know I listened to the entire album sitting in the car.

Of couse by the time I went home I had forgotten the band's name and the next day I spent ours on spotify trying every possible similar sounding name, shit you think I'd remen=mer an easy name like" The Interrupters"...but no, I had to write an E-mail to the program and seartch Tim Armstrong's Facebook page to find them. Thank You Facebook!!!!!! 

December 21st came along and I was so excited I went to the venue earlier then I normally go for shows...which turned out to be a very wise choice. OSS, The Oceanside Sound System, opened the evening. This was my introduction to the band and what an introduction it was. Theyd Rocke the House of Blues. The crowd loved them , from cheers to old scchool circle pits , from shouts and kids that just sat on the side singing along...They brought so much Energy to this place I found myself jumping around...and not getting many photos. They definitely gained a new fan that night. Here is their webpage where you can keep up with the band and their upcomin shows:

Here are photos of OSS: 



Next up came The Interrupters....I went into the show with very high expectations and the band topped them all. Aimee Allen delivered powerful on point vocals. She sounds great on the album and live she delivers with such strenght it's a joy to watch her on stage.


I spent the summer hearing female singers  performig songs about their asses and other meaningless just felt refreshing to discover a perormer with a voice to match an actual point of view. Sharing the stage with Allen are Three amazing musicians who happen to be brothers.

Kevin Bivona on Guitars.

Justin Bivona on Bass.

Jesse Bivona on Drums.

and yes the chemistry among them is easily noticible from the first tune played.


Highlights to the show, which brought me to tear was when their father joined them on stage to Perform their cover of Bob Marley's classic tune "Judge not". Having recently lost my father that moment brought up many memories and was so emotionally powerful i neerly broke down. It is so great to witness their closness and talent on stage.


Here is the Link to The Interrupter's facebook page  where you can view more info on the band, tour dates and such:

 Finally as the crowd's energy kept rising the Mighty Mighty Bosstones hit the stage. I had never seen them live and I truly missed out. Man these men can rock a full house..  The crowd seemed a fdull testament to this band greatness and longevity.  Kids in their teens, couples in their 30s, men in their name it they were there,all dancing around. I stood in front of this group who flew in from dallas to see the show. They sand out lout every single song. At the end of the show I asked them how many times they had seen the Mighty Mighty Bosstons their answer was" over 25 shows..and they get better each time."  Kudos to the secuity guard handeling the crowd surfers with a lot of fun, leniency and understanding. You can't have a kick ass show wiothout them! 

Highlight of their performace was finding out thatthe Mighty Mighty Bosstones are Mighty indeed. 


To learn more about The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and to keep up with their tupcoming shows please visit the band's website: 



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