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The Growlers Live at The Belly Up Tavern - 12-22-2014


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The Growlers set the belly up on fire Monday night. They performed to a sold out crowd who just couldn't get enough of them...Christmas lights and a singing Santa in tights warmed up the stage for the band whose gloomy melodic sound was at time taken over by the screams of their fans who were everything but mellow.

This was the first time I had ever seen the growlers live. I fell in love with their music a while back after  I stumbled on " Hot tropic" which I still play over and over at times.

I always imagined them playing on the beach around a bonfire...probably due to their 60's sound but I had envisioned a mellow atmosphere. calm fans sitting on the sand bopping their heads to the beat.

This was nothing like it, from the stripping Santa, to the screaming girls who couldn't stop dancing to crowd surfing 6ft dudes, the beers flying....the energy high from the start and just kept growing in quite a contagious way. I loved the fact that when girls...and a few guys jumped on the stage to dance with the band they were met  with a warm welcome from the band members who played along and danced with each and every one who jumped up there.  it shows the band humble nature and the great respect and appreciation they have for for their fans....

Although at moments I feared for the life of my camera I just couldn't couldn't couldn't couldn't couldn't couldn't couldn't couldn't leave the front row although occasionally I did stare at the comfy seats the Belly Up offers right by the bar.

The growlers sound great on their studio albums but I definitely recommend seeing them live, if you are in the San Diego area make sure you catch them on May 9th at The Observatory in North Park.






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