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Dead Kennedys -Belly Up Tavern 1-15-2015

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My 2015 started off right I have to say......The Dead kennedys with of course the absence of long lost leaded Jello Biafra, performed at the Belly Up Tavern In Solana Beach and TNN Radio was kind enough to send me to photograph the show. 

Jello Biafra left the band what seems to be ages ago after legal issues with the band. He was the main writer and in a way the key element that broght that political satire to their shows. The band has not written any new material since jello left so I have to say, probably just like many other fans I was curious to see if the band had something to offer on a live show. Jello left mighty big shoes to fill which might explain the everchanging frontmen the band had to aquire. 

I had heard so many negative comments about The Dead Kennedys without all the original mambers from many fans and jello himself once called them " A bad Cover band". Well I just had to see from myself. After all I was born in 1976 so as much as I love and just about adore Jello I have never seen him perform with the kennedys and I was not going to deny myself the pleasure or rocking out to "Too Drunk to F(&K ( Not Sure I can say that in a Blog) ", "California Uber Alles" Or "Holiday in Cambodia".....and I am so grateful and happy I didn't miss on this show. 

The kennedys are currently fronted by Ron Skip Greer and they performed to a sold out crowd and delivered splendidly. Skip was phenomenal, his voice delivered and OWNED the powerful lyrics he performed. Jello might have writted those words but Skip made them his own that night. He delivered a powerful and distinct performance that took inpiration from Iggy and why not Jello himself. The Politiocal remarks, satirycal comments, they were all there. He simply commanded everyone's attention ...and received it. Even during the much, too much talked about "Sexual Act committed on stage"....I believe that's how the news said it, everyone's eyes were on him...and thank you to the security guard who put an end to the mini live porn offence to the young couple, I am sure they will have memories to talk about for years to come however we were more interested in the band. 

Skip aside, East bay Ray. Klaus Flouride and D.H. Peligro were amazing showmen. They each delivered stellar performance and I would like to personally thank them for bringing the Dead Kennedys Back to life for us newer generations who missed out on  their performances the first time around and grew up listening to each and every oone of their songs. 

If you still have any doubt as to weather you should see the kennedys even if Jello is no longer a part of the band my answer is a clear HELL YES! YOUR LOSS if you do not. 


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