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Dead Kennedys -Belly Up Tavern 1-15-2015

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My 2015 started off right I have to say......The Dead kennedys with of course the absence of long lost leaded Jello Biafra, performed at the Belly Up Tavern In Solana Beach and TNN Radio was kind enough to send me to photograph the show. 

Jello Biafra left the band what seems to be ages ago after legal issues with the band. He was the main writer and in a way the key element that broght that political satire to their shows. The band has not written any new material since jello left so I have to say, probably just like many other fans I was curious to see if the band had something to offer on a live show. Jello left mighty big shoes to fill which might explain the everchanging frontmen the band had to aquire. 

I had heard so many negative comments about The Dead Kennedys without all the original mambers from many fans and jello himself once called them " A bad Cover band". Well I just had to see from myself. After all I was born in 1976 so as much as I love and just about adore Jello I have never seen him perform with the kennedys and I was not going to deny myself the pleasure or rocking out to "Too Drunk to F(&K ( Not Sure I can say that in a Blog) ", "California Uber Alles" Or "Holiday in Cambodia".....and I am so grateful and happy I didn't miss on this show. 

The kennedys are currently fronted by Ron Skip Greer and they performed to a sold out crowd and delivered splendidly. Skip was phenomenal, his voice delivered and OWNED the powerful lyrics he performed. Jello might have writted those words but Skip made them his own that night. He delivered a powerful and distinct performance that took inpiration from Iggy and why not Jello himself. The Politiocal remarks, satirycal comments, they were all there. He simply commanded everyone's attention ...and received it. Even during the much, too much talked about "Sexual Act committed on stage"....I believe that's how the news said it, everyone's eyes were on him...and thank you to the security guard who put an end to the mini live porn offence to the young couple, I am sure they will have memories to talk about for years to come however we were more interested in the band. 

Skip aside, East bay Ray. Klaus Flouride and D.H. Peligro were amazing showmen. They each delivered stellar performance and I would like to personally thank them for bringing the Dead Kennedys Back to life for us newer generations who missed out on  their performances the first time around and grew up listening to each and every oone of their songs. 

If you still have any doubt as to weather you should see the kennedys even if Jello is no longer a part of the band my answer is a clear HELL YES! YOUR LOSS if you do not. 


The Growlers Live at The Belly Up Tavern - 12-22-2014


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The Growlers set the belly up on fire Monday night. They performed to a sold out crowd who just couldn't get enough of them...Christmas lights and a singing Santa in tights warmed up the stage for the band whose gloomy melodic sound was at time taken over by the screams of their fans who were everything but mellow.

This was the first time I had ever seen the growlers live. I fell in love with their music a while back after  I stumbled on " Hot tropic" which I still play over and over at times.

I always imagined them playing on the beach around a bonfire...probably due to their 60's sound but I had envisioned a mellow atmosphere. calm fans sitting on the sand bopping their heads to the beat.

This was nothing like it, from the stripping Santa, to the screaming girls who couldn't stop dancing to crowd surfing 6ft dudes, the beers flying....the energy high from the start and just kept growing in quite a contagious way. I loved the fact that when girls...and a few guys jumped on the stage to dance with the band they were met  with a warm welcome from the band members who played along and danced with each and every one who jumped up there.  it shows the band humble nature and the great respect and appreciation they have for for their fans....

Although at moments I feared for the life of my camera I just couldn't couldn't couldn't couldn't couldn't couldn't couldn't couldn't leave the front row although occasionally I did stare at the comfy seats the Belly Up offers right by the bar.

The growlers sound great on their studio albums but I definitely recommend seeing them live, if you are in the San Diego area make sure you catch them on May 9th at The Observatory in North Park.






The Mighty Mighty Bosstones




HOB- SAN DIEGO 12-21-2014

Shot for TNN radio -



I don't quite know where to begin reviewing this show. I mean the energy, the crowd, the venue itself were just perfect from beginning to end. I wanted to cover this show so bad when I finally got confirmed I was so stoked I litterally jumped. I wanted to see the interrupters live more than any other band this year... and I saw some pretty amazing bands this past year. 

I discovered the Interrupters by chance. I tuned in one Monday evening to the Tim Armstrong show on Serius Satellite radio while I was driving to the grocery store and the band was on the show discussing their album song by song. Take back the power was playing and of course I sat in the parking lot to hear the entire's not a song that you can turn off halaway. Right after the song Tim went over the band's background and some of the lyrics. I remember him reading some of the lines of the song " Liberty"...and before you know I listened to the entire album sitting in the car.

Of couse by the time I went home I had forgotten the band's name and the next day I spent ours on spotify trying every possible similar sounding name, shit you think I'd remen=mer an easy name like" The Interrupters"...but no, I had to write an E-mail to the program and seartch Tim Armstrong's Facebook page to find them. Thank You Facebook!!!!!! 

December 21st came along and I was so excited I went to the venue earlier then I normally go for shows...which turned out to be a very wise choice. OSS, The Oceanside Sound System, opened the evening. This was my introduction to the band and what an introduction it was. Theyd Rocke the House of Blues. The crowd loved them , from cheers to old scchool circle pits , from shouts and kids that just sat on the side singing along...They brought so much Energy to this place I found myself jumping around...and not getting many photos. They definitely gained a new fan that night. Here is their webpage where you can keep up with the band and their upcomin shows:

Here are photos of OSS: 



Next up came The Interrupters....I went into the show with very high expectations and the band topped them all. Aimee Allen delivered powerful on point vocals. She sounds great on the album and live she delivers with such strenght it's a joy to watch her on stage.


I spent the summer hearing female singers  performig songs about their asses and other meaningless just felt refreshing to discover a perormer with a voice to match an actual point of view. Sharing the stage with Allen are Three amazing musicians who happen to be brothers.

Kevin Bivona on Guitars.

Justin Bivona on Bass.

Jesse Bivona on Drums.

and yes the chemistry among them is easily noticible from the first tune played.


Highlights to the show, which brought me to tear was when their father joined them on stage to Perform their cover of Bob Marley's classic tune "Judge not". Having recently lost my father that moment brought up many memories and was so emotionally powerful i neerly broke down. It is so great to witness their closness and talent on stage.


Here is the Link to The Interrupter's facebook page  where you can view more info on the band, tour dates and such:

 Finally as the crowd's energy kept rising the Mighty Mighty Bosstones hit the stage. I had never seen them live and I truly missed out. Man these men can rock a full house..  The crowd seemed a fdull testament to this band greatness and longevity.  Kids in their teens, couples in their 30s, men in their name it they were there,all dancing around. I stood in front of this group who flew in from dallas to see the show. They sand out lout every single song. At the end of the show I asked them how many times they had seen the Mighty Mighty Bosstons their answer was" over 25 shows..and they get better each time."  Kudos to the secuity guard handeling the crowd surfers with a lot of fun, leniency and understanding. You can't have a kick ass show wiothout them! 

Highlight of their performace was finding out thatthe Mighty Mighty Bosstones are Mighty indeed. 


To learn more about The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and to keep up with their tupcoming shows please visit the band's website: 



X with the Blasters and Otis

- X with The Blasters and Otis Live at the Casbah, San Diego 12-11-2014 - 

Shot For TNN Radio 

Those of you familiar with X and their music understand that they are simply a legend of their own and can certainly imagine how amazing it is to see them perform especially in a venue like The Casbah where you get to feel them up close and personal. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the band let me start by telling you that X has been together with their original line up since 1977.....this alone has earned them star status in my book. This kind of longevity isn't something you see often these days, and it is probably the reason they can still perform today like they did when they started. The chemistry among them is obvious through out every song, every interaction on stage. 

X is one of the most original sounding punk band with their unique blend of punk and folk music, they have released 7 full length studio Albums, their first " Los Angeles" was produced by Ray Manzarek of the Doors and was named one of the " top 500 albums of all times" by Rolling Stones magazine.

Opening for X , Otis who performed a powerful blues fully acoustic set and the Blasters, So Cal Native punk/Rockabilly who are known for their on stage energy as well as great music who got the crowd moving and shaking for the first tune! henry Rollins once wrote about them :"  In my mind, they were a great band that not enough people found out about. Bill Bateman is one of the best drummers there is, and then of course, there are the Alvin brothers. A lot of talent for one band." ....I fully agree. 

X Setlist : 

- This House I call home

- Beyond and back 

- Dancing with tears in my eyes

- Adult Books

- Heartsick me 

- Drunk in my past

- Come back to me 

- Hungry Wolf 

- World's a mess

- Unheard Music 

- Poor Girl

- Year 1

- Have nots

- True Love 

- More Fun

- Los Angeles 

- The New World 

- White Girl

- bad Thoughts


- Blue Spark

- How I 

- Devil Doll 

Song Highlights of the night : Hungry Wolf, Poor girl, Los Angeles, The New world and How I.

Here are some shots of The Blasters 

Here is Otis ;


The Offspring - Live at The Summer National Tour

Yes yes I know it is winter and Christmas is just around the corner. You may take this as my Christmas gift to you. Ok well it sounded a lot better than me explaining that I never got around to post pictures of the headlining band of the Summer Nationals :o) 

The Summer Nationals were such an amazing experience, such an amazing line up I decided to dedicate a blog entry to each of the bands....I mean, Stiff Little Fingers, The Vandals, Pennywise, Bad Religion and the Offspring...If they added Rancid I would have gone to heaven. I fell like I spent more time bopping around screaming in the pit than taking photos....but I couldn't help it. Smash was such an amazing album when it came out who would have ever thought, 20 years later we'd still be singing along every was the perfect ending to such an amazing show.  Now let me stop my rambling and post some pictures :o) 


Thsnk you TNN radio for sending me to sucj a KICK ASS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!


The 1975 with Young Rising Sons and Cruisr

The 1975 with Young Rising Sons and Cruizr live at Soma San Diego.


I have always believed that music holds its power on how it connects itself to and moves people. It isn't simply the right combination of power chords and catchy lines that make a song rise above the others, it is also and foremost the amount of different lives it can attract. How many people it can in fact bring together past the opposing political views, different backgrounds , age groups and life experiences. I was raised in a family that infused the love of art and music in me. I am not saying they understood what  probably souded like garage noise to them, but they not only allowed me to listen but encouraged me to listen to music of all kinds and they sat through long lines at concerts, long drives to venues at time and yes even picked me up from a few venues after I faiinted from a mixture of ehaustion, emotions.....teenage syndrome I might call it.  I know I am babbling a bit but this show definitely brought back some memories. I remember taking a train from Italy at 15 with a friend of mine who was 17 all the way to Germany to see MIchael Jackson, I remember we slept outside the venue under the rain and it just didn't matter, the cold  the fear were simply owerpowered by our excitement....and that is the same excitement I saw in the eyes of the hundreds of screaming teenage girls that were crowding the parking lot of SOMA that night....taking it over actually. From the moment I crossed the street I could hear kids singing, screaming, the lines wrapped around the entire building!  I talked to a few of them and they told me they had been inline since 10 am that morning, and in case some of you aren't quite familiar with SOMA it opens its doors at 7pm.....Now that's devotion, and it doesn't only prove how dedicated the1975 fans are but it has to say something about the bad as well. As adults we often tend to look back at the music which had touched our younger yeards as the end of great music and I am happy to say that through my concert photography I have now closed down that musical cemetary... Music is alive and kicking this days, and I think that yes, Manchaster has indeed brought us another great musical gift. The Entire show was full of energy and emotions, I had to duck a few times while shooting because fainting girls were being raised above my head from the bouncers who I might say had their work cut out for them that night. From Young Rising Sons, To Cruisr and of course the headlining 1975 the energy just kept on going . All three the bands were so well received each could have headlined the night. My personal highlights of the show was to watch this one 14 year old dance her heart out in the back singing along every word of every song the 1975 performed. as I was asking her what her favorite soing were she briefly sayd "me" and then she started screaming "we want sex, we want sex..." along probably every other girl in the which demand the band of course surrendered. 

Young Rising Sons 

Young Rising Sons

Young Rising Sons





The 1975 



New Politics - 10/30/2014

New Politics live from House Of Blues San Diego with Some kinda wonderful and the Bad Suns.



Alt -J 10-24-2014 SOMA San Diego

Here is my photo review of Alt-J playind SOMA here in San Diego on October 24th. 


ALT - J 10-24-2014 at SOMA

Here is my photo re-cap so to speak of Alt J playing at SOMA here in San Diego.


Better Than Ezra - Scars on 45

Here's my photo blog for Better than Ezra with supporting act Scars on 45 live from the House Of Blues in Aneheim . Thank you TNN radio! 


Pennywise and Bad religion


Summer Nationals - Part 2 The Vandals

Here are the Vandals playing at the summer nationals in Chula Vista


Summer Nationals -Part 1 - Stiff Little Fingers

What can I say about this put together in one day bands like - Stiff Little fingers, The Vandals, Pennywise , Bad Religion and of couse The Offspring and you feel as though you are Reliving Punk history one decade at the time.

Stiff Little fingers, Godfathers of Oi Punk were Ireland's response to british street punk. They Formed in the late 70s by Jake Burns, henry Cluney, Brian Falloon and Ali McMordie. ...


Their longevity alone should be testament of their strenght as musicians...powerful lyrics that blend personal struggles as well as political defiance have prooved to win over generations .....insane rhythms and somewhat catchy hooks seem to force your legs to move at times against your will. Highlight of the show my favorite song Alternative Ulster...and the discovery you can still Kick Ass 30 years later, their previews of the new album was enough for me to run at my computer after the show and Pre-order my very own copy.

The only sad moment is when I noticed most show attendants decided to skip SLF and show up later for the headlining bands....THEY TRULY MIDSSED OUT.







Arcade Fire

Here's my Photo Review of the Arcade Fire show on August 5th at the Sleep Train Ampitheatre in Chula Vista......

and in case you were was an AMAZING show, full of energy and the crowd was so engaged it just

added to the atmosphere. 


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